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Vote 1 Nathan Herbert.

The newly created electorate of Spence was named in honour of Catherine Helen Spence, the first woman to contest a federal election in 1897.

My candidature marks another first; a bricklayer seeking to represent the people of Spence.

Vote 1 Nathan Herbert independent for Spence.

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what the bricky stands for



JOBS - Spence has the potential to lead the nation and become the focal point for the green energy industry that Australia needs now


CLIMATE CHANGE - I stand for phasing out the use of fossil fuels and moving towards a zero emission economy


POVERTY- by raising the rates of Centrelink payments we can reduce poverty in Australia


VIOLENCE - I have a plan to reduce violence in Spence


EDUCATION -  I stand for free education and opportunities for all Australians

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In Australia all of our citizens have one right which makes us all equal. The right to vote.

To all of my sisters and brothers...

welcome to Spence.

All of us who stand on Spence share common ground.

It is our responsibility to educate ourselves about the electorate in which we live. We need to learn about the candidates who wish to lead us into the future. Knowing about the needs of our community, enrolling to vote, talking about the future of our community with our neighbours and potential leaders will bring the changes that we crave.

The new electorate of Spence, absorbs much of the previous electorate of Wakefield, encompassing Gawler, Elizabeth and much of Salisbury, spreading from the Spencer gulf in the west, touching the Mount Lofty Ranges in the east. The main industries in Spence include agriculture, manufacturing, transport, construction, defence and the delivery of government services.

The bricky stands for lifelong free education. The bricky stands for democracy. Well informed voters exercising their democratic rightsare solid foundations, for a free and fair society.