Who is the bricky?

Nathan Herbert was born in Ashford in 1975 and raised in Plympton Pk. His sister two years younger has profound physical and mental disabilities. Nathan’s mother was adopted and does not know her natural parents. Two of Nathan’s aunties are of “the stolen generations” He attended Forbes Primary and then finished his schooling at Urrbrae agricultural high school.

Nathan then joined the Australian army Ready Reserve scheme, receiving initial training at Kapooka and subsequent training at the school of artillery. Nathan was initially trained as an artillery signaller and then cross trained as a missile number. Nathan fulfilled a number of roles including, command post operator, missile number before being promoted from Gunner to Bombardier and working as both an instructor and a surface to air missile detachment commander. Nathan was discharged after 7 years of service following a botched medical operation nearly resulting in death and requiring a year of recuperation.

During the part time component of his service Nathan trained as a nurse assistant specializing in geriatrics and was employed as such in several nursing homes across Adelaide. Nathan subsequently worked as a treefeller and a post knocker before having to become a full time carer for his first partner who suffered from severe mental illness. During this time Nathan assisted his partner in her work as a sculptor, most notably launching the “power of woman” exhibition, which culminated in the execution of a two and half metre tall female figure in Mt gambier limestone and resin. Nathan’s first partner died as a result of cancer.

Nathan then turned to building, first as a concrete finisher and then as a builders assistant working in the arts eco village in Aldinga, completing 7 houses which had a focus on the use of recycled materials. Nathan then focussed on brick, block and stone laying, supervising and training, several “gangs” of workers. Nathan has built many structures around Adelaide including 500 + houses, pizza ovens, chimneys, Moorish arches, grand entrance ways and numerous commercial structures. The two works that Nathan is most proud of are what is known Colloquially as “The Wall “a 65m long 3m high bluestone wall in Pt Elliot and an Hazare Muslim mosque in Greenfields. Nathan has laid bricks in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, China and Holland.

Nathan later married for the first time. His wife, Chanattee a marine biologist from Thailand. They have two children Cassandra Sripansaen 3 and Hugo Taenkoon 11 months whom was born 3 months premature.